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Who rewrites the unwritten history?

Photo: P2, Viktor Yuliev, 2013
SA 19 NOV 2022 19:0023:00
Lux, Nijmegen

Who rewrites the unwritten history? is the title of our evening program in LUX Nijmegen on November 19, 2022, including three new productions produced for Biennale Gelderland 22-23. More information & tickets will be available in our upcoming newsletter and here on the digital platform. Moderated by: Sara Amraoui, Zainab Amraoui and Setareh Noorani.

Abstract Object

A film recording of the artistic intervention Abstract Object (1967-2023) executed by the P1 collective. At the initiative of P1, an unnamed artwork by Leo Geurtjens from 1967 was unsolicitedly moved from the Presikhaaf neighborhood to the Dutch Open Air Museum, the guardian of Dutch cultural heritage. Sara Amraoui and Zainab Amraoui continued their research on ownership of their own living environment in the role of junior curators for the Gelderland Biennale 2022. The film recording was made by Rick Peters (VCR media) and was edited in consultation with the junior curators.

In LUX, this registration will be shown publicly for the first time. In a live conversation, alongside the film, we reflect on the underlying question: Who rewrites the unwritten history? A combination of film, dialogue and live conversation.

Lev Avitan

Lev Avitan (1996) is a spoken word artist, philosopher and theater maker. The Arnhem native, now living in Amsterdam, has an authentic style. From a vulnerable yet critical perspective, he manages to put his own lived experiences into words, and connect them to broader societal discussions. In his work, Lev deals with these subjects, making them tangible and creating softness and healing through the force of creation. Besides being a former Arnhem native, he is completing his master's degree in philosophy at the Radboud University Nijmegen this year.

Lev also contributes four musings to the digital platform, of which two can already be found here online. These culminate in a spoken word performance on the evening in LUX.

Eshan Fardjadniya

Film, dialogue and performance about his public struggle with the real estate world, based on the vlog series Eviction & Lockdown.

Ehsan is a visual artist and performance artist. He has developed a method of emancipatory art, where socio-political relationships can be treated as performative practices to influence larger political issues. Art and activism merge in his work as a reflection of the politicization of his body as a person of color and a political exile. His work combines various practices such as storytelling, video, and theater. His personal experiences as a refugee and his struggle with institutional racism make his body an embodied archive of precarious migration narratives that howls through his art.

P1 invited Ehsan to develop a new performance and digital work for the platform as the culmination of a vlog series he made in 2020, when suddenly, coinciding with the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the precarity of his anti-squat housing situation became crystal clear. He was threatened with acute eviction, which produced a series full of questions about rights and solidarity.