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Mo & Tineke on 17.09.22 @Radboud, Nijmegen
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About P1

Our artistic practice focuses on the unseen and rarely discussed aspects of curatorship, such as creating infrastructures, a context and a community within which art can take root and knowledge is produced and shared. We work from social urgencies with a utopian goal.

Furthermore, our curatorial practice is characterized by the fact that we do not just question or theorize, but act. Truly implemented strategies that respond to the trials of the present time: commercialization, privatization, property laws, imposed norms, and retreating governments.

By acting, we meet the limits of political and social frameworks, making these limits visible in the conviction to change or expand them. Acting is also a radical solution to get around the web of rules, laws and property claims. The exchanges that take place serve as questions that disrupt the prevailing consensus about the creator, or the context.

Art becomes part of an ongoing process of exploring our shared experience and does not end after a project ends.