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Abstract Object (1967-2023)

Foto: Miyuki Okuyama
Published 17.10.2022

Abstract Object (1967-2023) is an artistic intervention by P1. An unnamed artwork by Leo Geurtjens from 1967 was moved from the Presikhaaf neighborhood to the Dutch Open Air Museum on July 28, 2021 on P1s initiative.

For over 50 years the work had stood in Presikhaaf and was now threatened to be demolished. As the visual elements that shaped the backdrop of their childhood disappear, alongside the houses they lived in, three young members of P1 ask themselves: Whose neighborhood is it?
The initiators of the project wanted to take ownership of their own space within the Dutch national heritage. We follow Zainab, Sara and Nabil in their attempt to secure the sculpture within the Dutch Open Air Museum. As its placement is underway the balance of power is exposed. Who decides where the work of art is placed? Who determines what is national heritage?

Filmregistration by Rick Peters, VCR Media.

The reallocation of Abstract Object (1967-2023) was realized as part of #thisisprikko X #beeldenpark_presikhaaf (1965-2023), a project initated and led by Ikram El Messaoudi in dialogue with junior curators: Sara Amraoui, Zainab Amraoui and Nabil Zahti.

Sara Amraoui and Zainab Amraoui have continued their research into ownership of their own living environment in the role of junior curators of the Biennale Gelderland 2022. A documentary film about the intervention Abstract Object (1967-2023), developed by Rick Peters in dialogue with Sara and Zainab, will be part of the opening symposium Who rewrites the unwritten history? on 19 November.